Our Mission

Preserve Panda was built on a love for life and a passion to make a difference in the world.

With only four founders it took a lot of effort to be able to build something worthwhile. We scoured the internet looking for voices wanting to be heard until we came across the heavily passionate Giant Panda community. Distraught over their precious animal being hunted for fur and pushed from their habitats, leaving them critically endangered(Under 2,000 left). With giant pandas being a flagship species, saving them at the same time helps countless other organisms in similar environments. This is why we refused to let human action bring an end to such a beautiful mammal. For more on why we should save the giant pandas take a look at this article:

Why Save The Giant Panda?

After many trials and tribulations we came up with the idea for Preserve Panda. Not only did we want to raise funds, but we wanted to build a real, lasting community. We've partnered with Pandas International to donate 10% of every purchase to keeping pandas alive and well! We believe we will accomplish our goals with Preserve Panda, and appreciate all the support we've received and continue to get. Now let's save some pandas! 
Printed in the USA

Each order is individually printed and processed in our US warehouses.

High Quality

We use fine materials made through prioritizing sustainability by limiting water usage, using renewable energy, and recycling leftover fabrics.

Preserve Panda

Projecting thousands donated each year to saving pandas so that every generation can experience the joy they bring!