We learned about the Giant Panda fur trade and extensive deforestation that has brought pandas to the brink of extinction. We decided the best move was to take it upon ourselves to build Preserve Panda and donate at least 10% of your purchase to Pandas International.

Our Mission


"I never thought I would possibly be the last generation to see pandas. I got a shirt for my daughter who's absolutely in love with pandas. I'm pretty sure it's her favorite shirt now. Thank you!"

Carol B.

"Nothing makes me feel better than making a difference in the world. The shirt I got is pretty comfortable, and looks super clean. Fits snug but not tight. Got one of the sweatshirts on my wishlist that I'll be back for."

Sarah H.

"I can't imagine a world without pandas. Got three shirts for my niece to support the mission. All of them are perfect, and she really loves them! I support everything you're doing, please keep up the good work. I know we'll save the pandas!"

Jen W.

"You aren't human if you could hurt my favorite animal. I'll do anything to keep my pandas existing. The sweatshirt I got is really pretty and if I had the money I'd buy all of the other ones too. Sending my prayers that you reach your goals!"

Abigail L.

"I purchased two shirts and I get sooo many compliments on them. The materials are really soft too. Thank you for trying to save my all time favorite creature!"

Hannah K.
Printed in the USA

Each order is individually printed and processed in our US warehouses.

High Quality

We use fine materials made through prioritizing sustainability by limiting water usage, using renewable energy, and recycling leftover fabrics.

Preserve Panda

Projecting thousands donated each year to saving pandas so that every generation can experience the joy they bring!